©Salvador Dali - Portrait of Luis Bunuel 1924

Portrait of Luis Bunuel 1924
Portrait of Luis Bunuel
1924 70x60cm oil/canvas
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain

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Luis Buñuel Portolés: 22 February 1900 – 29 July 1983 - was a filmmaker who worked in Spain, Mexico and France.
In 1917 he went to university at the University of Madrid, first studying agronomy then industrial engineering and finally switching to philosophy. He developed very close relationships with painter Salvador Dalí and poet Federico García Lorca, among other important Spanish creative artists living in the Residencia de Estudiantes, with the three friends forming the nucleus of the Spanish Surrealist avant-garde, and becoming known as members of "La Generacion del 27". Buñuel was especially taken with Lorca, later writing in his autobiography: "We liked each other instantly. Although we seemed to have little in common—I was a redneck from Aragon, and he an elegant Andalusian—we spent most of our time together... We used to sit on the grass in the evenings behind the Residencia (at that time, there were vast open spaces reaching to the horizon), and he would read me his poems. He read slowly and beautifully, and through him I began to discover a wholly new world.":p.62 Buñuel's relationship with Dalí was somewhat more troubled, being tinged with jealousy over the growing intimacy between Dalí and Lorca and resentment over Dalí's early success as an artist.