©Salvador Dali - Port Lligat at Sunset 1959

Port Lligat at Sunset 1959
Port Lligat at Sunset
1959 58x76cm oil/canvas
Private collection

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From Christie's:
More than any other place on earth, it was the bay at Port Lligat that provided the landscape of Salvador Dali's hallucinatory vision. It was the place were the paranoiac-critical images of his paintings repeatedly seemed to emerge before his eyes and the enigmatic shapes of its hills and rocks that gave the form to so many of his strange and haunting images. It was the light from the sea and sky around this little-known cove that provided both the clarity and the mystery to his visions and the hazy dissonance of its distant horizon vista that lent his paintings their all-pervasive aura of warmth and enigma. The landscape of his birth and of his childhood, it was on the beach that stretched up to the door of his little house that he had sat with his nurse, where he had later defied his father and first met Gala. 'I am home only here,' Dali repeatedly said of Port Lligat, 'everywhere else I am camping out.' (Salvador Dali, quoted op.cit, p. 444) In short, Port Lligat was the stage against which Dali's dreams and visions of life were to play themselves out.